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Tom Cech

°Leuven, Belgium (1986)​​

Raised an only child I had a lot of time on my hands, time I mostly spent reading comic books, playing video games or soccer and questioning the world around me. I rarely read the comics, I looked at the pictures and made up my own version of the story. I became infatuated with the ability of comic book artists to express such distinct emotions using just a few lines. Eventually I tried drawing my own, leaving an endless trail of doodles and crumpled balls of paper in my wake.

I went on to study art in high school, where I developed my drawing and painting skills, thanks to some very patient teachers and a supportive mother. After graduating high school I obtained a bachelor’s degree in teaching arts and ethics, but I always remained productive as an artist. The comic books made place for more serious literature (philosophy, evolution,…), and doodles became actual drawings and paintings.

After teaching for a few years I started working as a job coach, helping people find their way to a meaningful profession. A job I still do today, in combination with my work as an artist. I am not the type of artist who spends all his time in the studio, I like to stay active and lead a varied life. Working with people and traveling the world have always been key for my practice, providing a constant flow of inspiration and insight, and a necessary balance.

I have been working as an artist for more than 10 years now. My portfolio mainly consists of oil paintings, but I occasionally expand into drawings, mixed media and - more recently - murals. I like to zoom in on human emotion and behaviour, a result of the comic books I devoured as a child. As you may notice I tend to be critical  of human life, but I always try to find a way to make it look aesthetically pleasing. There is beauty in our shortcomings and - most of all - in confronting them.




2021: Mural project - Wilsele


2021: 2nd place animal art prize - Brussels

2021: Final selection of Belgicart - Bozar/Sam Dillemans

2020: Solo exhibition @FOD Werk - Brussels


2019: Mural on a highway bridge - Leuven


2019: Exhibition @ Providers St. Louis - Missouri, USA


2016-...: Collection Maison M - Ghent


2015-...: Kunstbak - City Park Leuven


2015- ...: Collection UC Leuven - Leuven

2017: Existenzweek @ De Lijn - Leuven

2016: Exhibition @ El Vino Loco - Haacht


2015: Exhibition @ Gallery Dada - Rotselaar


2015: The Big Draw Leuven - Elsen Kaasambacht 


2015: VeelZIJdig - Leuven


2014: Cabin Art - Koksijde


2014: Miradal Expo - Oud-Heverlee


2014: Art In The Village - Oud-Heverlee


2014: 2nd Solo Exhibition - Leuven


2010, 2012, 2014: Art auction B!NK Foundation - Amsterdam


2012: 1st Solo Exhibition - Brussels


2010, 2012: Canvascollection - Ghent/Leuven

2018: Painting - SLAC Leuven


2006-2009: Bachelor Teaching Art and Ethics - UCL Leuven


1999-2004: Visual Arts - Heilig Hart Heverlee

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